Pinterest’s visual search has grown exponentially since it was first introduced about two years ago. The platform processes more than 300 million visual searches per month, which pulls in more than 2 billion pins each month. And new features to its futuristic Lens tool pave the way for users and brands to search and shop.

Now the platform has launched five new visual discovery tools that help users hone the power of visual search. It’s upgraded search technology features include Lens Your Look, Responsive Visual Search, Shop the Look, Pinterest Pincodes, and a Firefox browser extension.

A new way to choose your outfit has been discovered with the introduction of Lens Your Look. Remember Cher from Clueless? She used her computer to compile the best outfit for her day. To think this would actually exist is kind of a big deal. Well, no more saying ‘as if!’

The next big step for Pinterest Lens has been taken. It allows you to add photos of something from your wardrobe collection to your text search, to gather some new ideas to try. Imagine looking for new ways to incorporate your mustard yellow cardigan into your outfits. It’s as simple as searching using an image of it, and the Lens will show you the results and ideas based on that item. It’s your own personal stylist.

Here’s how it works:


But what’s the point of finding a new look without being able to shop it? Absolutely useless, right? Pinterest now helps you purchase what you find with Shop the Look. And it’s recently added new items from thousands of brands with new items added each day.

And just like a QR code, Pinterest has launched its own version called Pinterest Pincodes. They connect offline with online and allow you to scan a Pincode with your Pinterest camera. You’ll be able to see various curated ideas on Pinterest.

Here’s the feature in action:


While these newest updates aren’t necessarily a complete overhaul of the app itself, the new features are fairly cool and innovative, to say the least. While it’s all aimed at those who use Pinterest for fashion – a large chunk of its users – it opens up endless possibilities for various industries by making visual search so simple and engaging.

These new tools give users a new unique search and social experience. What started out as a simple moonlight project turned into a real-world search engine, and it’s up to brands to harness these new capabilities to garner success.

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