The holiday season is quickly approaching – presenting many opportunities for marketers to target omnichannel shoppers. Nearly half of shoppers choose not to purchase from the first website they visit and about two-thirds of online transactions made on or near Christmas day are done via smartphone. To succeed pre-, during, and post-holidays, brands have to fully understand shopper behaviors.

With the love of eCommerce rapidly growing, tighter shopping windows have been pushed closer and closer to Christmas day. Recently, Criteo and The Drum collaboratively found that in 2016 there were 3.5 times the amount of conversions made on December 23, 2016 when compared to the previous year. And, yes, it’s likely to grow this year.

Not everyone has everything wrapped and ready to go ahead of time. Consumers are changing expectations around delivery times, thanks to Amazon’s quick delivery guarantees. And the window to grab consumers stretches from Black Friday to literally the last possible second.

With such a large window of time, the competition is tighter than ever, making omnichannel shopping the new norm. There’s a variety of different ways people partake in omnichannel shopping. Shoppers may browse online prior to picking them up in stores, purchase online after seeing a product in stores, or even go far as to purchase from their phone from within a retail store.

There are many opportunities when it comes to the holidays, and you must have to have the correct tactics in place. Here are the tips to enlighten your omnichannel marketing this festive season:

Develop an always-on strategy

By using dynamic retargeting ads to build up cookie pools for retargeting efforts ahead of time, alongside sponsored product ads, brands are put in the eye view during busy and competitive shopping periods.

Both dynamic retargeting and sponsored products help to increase shopper engagement and visibility within the online retail space. If anything can be learned from Amazon’s holiday strategy, it’s that brands should follow suit with these tactics.

Measuring beyond the click

As a retailer, you need to be thinking about your goals as you progress into the holiday season – beyond a simple click. You have to think more about margin, as it’s just as much about sales and revenue as it’s about share of voice. You need to discover and set in stone what truly matters to your brand this season.

By having these goals in place, you can better optimize your campaigns with those KPIs in mind and go further than the simplistic metric of a click, while looking deeper at consumer behavior.

Optimize your retail search marketing strategy

Make sure to analyze where your brand and product page positions are pre-campaign, during, and after. Once the campaign is live, optimize for prime positioning, but once the campaign comes to a close, evaluate the impact that any paid efforts and best-practice optimizations had on your organic ranking. Most brands find that this has a fairly significant and positive impact.

Reach the shopper, not the device

Omnichannel and cross-device marketing is the obvious choice, but you how actionable can this be unless you understand the shoppers and their needs. To do this, you need to connect user identities across multiple digital services and environments, leverage CRM data, and base decisions on a deterministic match with 100 percent certainty and reliability.

By solidifying your marketing plans for the season ahead of time, you develop and strategize the best practices to prepare for the chaotic time rapidly approaching. This can be achieved by developing a well-thought-out strategy for the holiday with an omnichannel approach.

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