New tech is taking over and reshaping the way we market. Leading the way of innovation is tech’s Frightful Five. Top of the list? Amazon, followed by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google.

I’m dependent on Amazon for online purchases and entertainment. But, it seems like Amazon is striving to go further than that, and much more than many other tech companies among the Frightful Five. Its grip on all of our lives has become stronger over the last couple of months – raising questions of the power and influence that a single tech company could have. I won’t lie, that scares me. But should I truly be fearful of Amazon?

The $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods may be the best and most recent examples of Amazon’s surprises and capabilities. We all knew they had ambitions to crack into the grocery business with their delivery service, AmazonFresh, and the futuristic and cashier-free stores, but this acquisition was a whole other level. Basically, online retail found a way to creep back into our physical world and take control of popular chain grocery stores.

Yes, while that’s a very recent and popular topic for Amazon, let’s not forget everything else that Amazon has a strong grasp on:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Thanks to its Alexa assistant, Amazon has become a leader in AI. Voice-powered computing, here we are.
  • Logistics: With the help of Amazon Air, the company plans to use drones and planes to deliver goods. Yeah, believe it or not, soon Amazon won’t need the postal service or other shipping methods other than their own to deliver.
  • Entertainment: Not only can you find original TV programming and movies, but also music to stream. Your needs are quickly satisfied.
  • Cloud Computing: Their web services power many of the apps and website we use day-in and day-out. Insert scared-face emoji here.
  • Food: Whole Foods, Blue Apron, and futuristic grocery stores – check!
  • Retail/eCommerce: Self-explanatory much?
  • News and Media: Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and a small percentage of Business Insider.
  • Health: Amazon is considering joining the likes pharmaceutical giants such as CVS and Walgreens.

Wow! And to think, I used to only use Amazon to purchase book back in the 90s. Golden years, eh? There’s a lot of things that affect my every day from Amazon, a company that started selling books in the 90s. Today, what need can Amazon not fill?!

Ok – I get it. That’s scary. It raises some serious questions like should one conglomerate contain that much power over the future of vital industries we all rely on?

But, while it might be a tad too early to be thinking about this, it’s obvious that we’re accelerating toward a future where digital will be fully integrated. And what better company to aid during this transition than Amazon. They’re the most equipped and no other company is in the correct position to compete at these many layers, although they may be trying to.

For marketers, you shouldn’t be afraid of Amazon, but rather embrace it. Every day, new innovations emerge within marketing and we’ve seen rapid growth in digital. With the rise of Amazon, brands will be better able to market themselves to all audiences at almost every aspect of life. Think of the endless possibilities, rather than fleeing from the potential changes.

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