Beating All of the Odds Through the Practice of Yoga

From creating the Yoga Pro Wheel to teaching various workshops, Kerri Verna opened up about her stretch into yoga and reasons why she’s stuck with it. Verna maintains her own site, with online courses and workshops, is a host for OmStars, and co-founder and creator of the Yoga Pro Wheel. Despite her busy schedule, she sets time aside for her family, not to mention relaxation.

ZOG Digital spoke with Verna about how she found her stance and position as an influencer within the yoga realm. We were about to snag some of Verna’s time to chat about how she found yoga, what drives her, and her future plans.

ZD: When did you first begin to practice yoga?

Verna: I first began practicing when I was pregnant with my first son. I was looking for something that I could do throughout the entire pregnancy since I could no longer do my high-impact, cardio-style fitness.  I fell in love with it from the first moment I tried.

ZD: Did you always feel or know that yoga would become the center of your professional, perhaps even personal life?                  

Verna: I had no idea that yoga was going to become any part of my life, let alone the center!  

I really loved teaching it for many years early in my career, but it wasn’t until 6 years ago that I decided to give up all other forms of fitness and really embrace the yoga lifestyle. It’s been so amazing to not only grow in my physical practice, but also in my spiritual walk.

ZD: Not only are you an influencer to all levels of yogis and dog lovers, but you are the co-founder of the Yoga Pro Wheel and OmStars. Could you tell us a little bit about each and what led you to get these projects going?  

Verna: The Yoga Pro Wheel is a patented innovative fitness tool that was launched about a year ago. The primary reason for me developing it was for yogis to have an all-in-one fitness tool to increase their back flexibility. But what I didn’t know was how much it helps people suffering from back pain. Just a few minutes a day of the Yoga Pro Wheel can relieve debilitating back pain. It is truly amazing!

OmStars is my online yoga platform that my best friend and partner, Kino MacGregor and I created to share the love of yoga. It’s a site dedicated to teaching people how to live the yogi life. The platform is unique in that we reward you for practicing with us. We have classes from asana to learning Sanskrit to plant-based cooking. We also have reality content showing our viewers what it’s like to live yoga on and off your mat.

ZD: On top of everything you’ve accomplished thus far, you have an amazing story about where you were prior to yoga and believing that change is possible. How do you feel your story has impacted others?

Verna: I’m so happy that my story has helped others see that they too can accomplish anything they put their minds to. I went through such a dark time and dealt with depression for many years that now to see others finding inspiration from my story is truly humbling. I’m so grateful for all I went through so that I can be where I am today helping others do the same.

ZD: What opportunities in life have your passion for yoga opened up for you?

Verna: My passion for people I think has really been the thing that has opened up all the doors in my life.  I love to help others and teaching is really a gift to me more than it is my students. Being able to meet people from all over the world and share similar ideas and thoughts has been the most rewarding experience. I feel that finding what you are passionate about and staying true to what and who you are is what leads us to accomplish great things in our life.

I owe everything to the people that follow me, subscribe to my online classes, and who show up to my classes and workshops. It’s truly because of them that I’m able to continue sharing the blessing of yoga.

ZD: Which media outlets do you feel are the best suited for you and your businesses and why?

Verna: I love Instagram, it’s been my favorite since I started online. But, I think that all the social media outlets have their own pros and cons. Snapchat is great for connecting to a younger demographic and it’s fun to connect with people daily on what I’m doing or what is going on. Facebook is a great tool for marketing my workshops and classes. I love to share my yoga sequences there, as well because people will share with their friends. I think the key to using social media is to know your audience and know that they may want to see different sides of you on different platforms.

ZD: When you’re not on the mat or beach practicing yoga, what can others find you doing?

Verna: I am a mom so most likely, I’ll be with my boys. I have two, ages 11 and 12. They’re the light of my life, along with my amazing husband. I love to be home with my family.  I know that they’re approaching the age where they won’t want to be home with us as much, so I am trying to really enjoy this time with them.

ZD: If you had to stick to one style of yoga for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Verna: Gosh, that is a hard question. I don’t know that I even have a style. I usually call it vinyasa, because it is just breath and movement, but I can’t say that I was trained in any one “style” or that I even practice that way.  

ZD: You’re known for your fabulous beach yoga photos, yoga tips, tricks and innovations, and instructional videos with guest appearances from your amazing dog – what’s next on your agenda?

Verna: Right now I am just living in the moment enjoying each day as it comes. I hope to be able to continue sharing my love of yoga with the world in any way that I can.

Follow Kerri’s yogi lifestyle on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (@beachyogagirl), Twitter, and even her own website.

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