You should stand up. Now sit back down. Wait, you seem stressed! Check your heart rate. Go to sleep now to get eight full hours. No more screen time (heh.)

OMG. Nag, nag, nag. And It’s not my mom telling me what to do. It’s my smartwatch.

Wearable tech’s nothing new. The infamous Google Glass (and glassholes), FitBit, Apple Watch, and wearable clothing have all surfaced over the years. Is this whole phenomena a little overdone? (Like, do I really need a phone, laptop, watch and tight-fitted yoga pants telling me to stretch?)

The first wave of wearables hit the streets to a relatively quiet response, but innovators continue to promise that a new generation of gadgets will upend consumers’ lives. But are developers making everything capable for average and even below average users? Everyone should be able to use this technology – it should be simplistic.  Don’t believe me?  Well, just think back to Google Glass and its massive failure due to lack of functionality. Users shouldn’t have to become frustrated at any point or even have to overthink when it comes to these items.

The rise of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and the odd pair of smart glasses have brought wearable technology well into the mainstream. Some say it’s just a passing fad, while others suggest it will transform everything from the way we work to the way we work out. I’m on the fence, but it feels a little oversaturated, not to mention frustrating. (Or is it just me?)

The growth over the past year in wearable tech and innovation has opened the door to niche fields of wearables. Let’s not forget to mention the obvious of augmented and virtual reality – enhancing education and experience with reality. This particular segment of wearables has had many naysayers, yet the technology continues to be highly talked about. But now, our jackets and yoga gear are becoming ‘smart.’


Levi’s has partnered with Google in creating a wearable line, called Commuter. Jean jackets, t-shirts, backpacks, and of course jeans are all engineered for movement and optimized for the city. And, don’t forget yoga pants that track your movement and help correct your alignments. Simple or complicated – I think it’s simply complicated.

Isn’t this just a bit too much? We might as well plug back into the Matrix, right?

Oftentimes, many people suspect that new innovations won’t see much success. Yes, it’s true that there tends to be a high failure rate among the newest and smallest start-ups, and only the strongest and most publicized prevail. But there’s actual substance to a few wearables nowadays. And maybe that’s what I fail to get past. All these wearables are so hyped up and I just have to wait and see what will survive and advance our modern tech, while also not confuse the living crap out of us.

But, in all seriousness, what’s next? A wedding ring that reminds you of your anniversary?

And, it already exists. Moving on from this outlandish fad.  

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