Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re in a hot-and-steamy relationship or just had a break up, it’s key to remember that love ain’t cheap.

While some people are dreading the upcoming (possibly consumerist) holiday, others are gearing up for shopping. Very. Last. Minute. Shopping. Valentine’s Day is used as an excuse —or a guilt trip? — to shower your loved ones with gifts. So digital marketers should pay attention.

Let’s talk about four ways you can get your company some love this year:

1. Target those last-minute shoppers

Admit it or not, we all procrastinate when it comes to gift-shopping, and, at times, buy on impulse. Nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t plan for Valentine’s Day until a week prior, or even the week of. So kick those promotions into high gear.

Since men tend to spend more than women on Valentine’s Day, narrow your targeting and aim Cupid’s arrow at them. Focus on value. Create ad copy that speaks with a sense of urgency, and vary your creative based on demographics. Whether it’s candy, flowers, dinner, or jewelry, they’ll need all the help and suggestions they can get, as they’re cramped for time.

2. Pin your life away

Gift ideas are insanely hot on Pinterest. And despite popular opinion, it’s not a women-driven platform any longer. More men have signed up in the past year than women. Work with your influencers to produce and publish product collages. Third-party validation builds brand trust, and a picture is worth a thousand words.  

3. Captivate with video

While you’re on that influencer train, remember the vloggers! They know how to move products. Get your brand mentioned in YouTube Hauls, Facebook, and Instagram LIVE.  

If it’s too late to engage influencers for the year, videos are still a powerful medium. People want to see what they’re buying, and oftentimes a still image doesn’t move the needle on intent to purchase.

4. Engagement (Bling, Bling.)

Engagement rates (and rings) are known to increase this time of year. Follow-up with those that were recently engaged post Valentine’s Day. Look for recent tweets with specific keywords, as well as hashtags on different social media formats. #ISaidYes, #HePutARingOnIt, and the ever-popular, #Engaged will be surging. Might as well hop on the congratulations train.

Know what your customers are looking for and position your product accordingly. Find that unique way to speak to them. Be useful. Creative techniques can bring home the Valentine’s Day bacon. It’ll just happen to be smothered in chocolate.

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