As noted in the first part of our Connected Content™ series, breaking down silos is integral to building a strong, consistent brand presence. So … great. You’ve agreed to work across teams. How do you actually start?

Build a framework.

“Make sure everyone knows the plan so it’s easy to change.” When subject matter experts, strategists, account managers, and your client all know where you’re headed and why, it creates flexibility. A framework isn’t meant to lock people or tactics in, but rather point everyone in the same direction, give them a clear picture of goals, and the ability to remain agile to reach those goals.

Put substance before tactics.

Ground all tactics in content strategy by first clearly defining your business goals and audience needs, then mapping content to them both. Document your brand’s voice and values, your customer personas, and how each of those things informs the buyer journey. Align your team on the substance, and let the tactical execution flow from there.

Plan the whole journey.

What content is needed for audiences to discover you? Where does that content need to live, and how could it be amplified? The team’s all on the same page, right? This is where your seamless online presence begins.

Move to consideration. Create content that speaks to the “who cares.” What sets you apart? What differentiates you from your competitors? Brainstorm on the multiple content types and channels that’ll reach and resonate with your multiple audiences. And let your brand personality shine. This is your chance to be human and form a connection.

Pay attention to intersectional content. How many times have you abandoned an experience because a company didn’t take the time to invest in the “final steps copy?” Plan for content that guides your audiences through purchase. Provide meaningful microcopy and calls to action. Remove obstacles. (This is where content strategists and designers and developers shine. Ah, the synergy.)

So high level, this is what it takes to start a connected approach. Thoughtfulness, planning, patience, teamwork. And we’ve only just begun. Stay tuned for a take on the connected approach through the eyes of our inimitable search team, and more on why content strategy sits at the center of Connected Content™.

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