Learn How Social Media and Content Created a Key Influencer for Travel

From the natural gem of Jamaica to the heat of the Sahara Desert, Tausha Cowan shares her travel tips and photos across the globe. She runs the popular blog The Globe Getter, which started out of her true passion for travel and helping others. Despite having a full-time job as a Senior Manager of Global Communications, she still finds the time to get after the globe.

ZOG Digital spoke with Cowan about the role of being a key influencer within the travel realm and why she does it all. She’s been featured in AdWeek, BuzzFeed and even partnered with brands like travel guide company, Marco Polo. We were able to catch up with Cowan and learn about her travels and what’s next on her list.

ZD: Where did the idea of The Globe Getter come from?  

Cowan: I had blogs before, but they were always more personal hobbies. I had a blog throughout while studying abroad in college and another blog shortly after college. These were just ways to let friends and family know what I was up to. A few years later, I just decided to take my passions of travel and writing and run with it. Being a journalism major, it just seemed like a good fit.

Then I realized, I’m a late millennial and I have a number of friends who have the means to travel, but don’t necessarily know the right resources or think it’s always feasible. They really want to travel, but don’t necessarily know how [to travel abroad] or think it was feasible. I was seeing a lot of that, but at the same time there was this growth and influx of travel bloggers who had quit their job to travel the world. And while I thought that was really great, I did not think that was realistic for many people. I really wanted to show that it’s possible to have a full-time career and still travel the world.

ZD: What spurred your passion for travel and tips?

Cowan: Realizing there are people who want to travel but don’t necessarily know the resources, tips and tricks or how to utilize vacation days; I used to be the same way. That’s what really made me want to do this.

I started my career with ten vacation days and I didn’t use them very wisely. I paid twice as much as I should have for flights. I just wasn’t very savvy about it. This is something that I not only wanted to improve on, but I wanted to share my voice and insights. And that’s where the blog got started.

ZD: How did you frame your professional work life around travel?

Cowan: I realized I had to be very, very creative. I think one of the things that is really beneficial about the work force today, versus 10-15 years ago is that there are more opportunities to work remotely and have flex-work arrangements. I’m very fortunate in this area, as I’ve been able to combine my job and travel life and work remotely.

Not every profession is going to offer this opportunity. It’s a great chance to broach the topic with your manager, if it’s something that people think they may be able to do. At the end of the day when I’m working remotely, I’m definitely working and not at the beach.


ZD: Did you always assume that you’d frame your professional life around travel?

Cowan: I did not at all! It had never even occurred to me. I thought, I was going to work in media and entertainment for the rest of my career. I did start my career off in media and I realized it wasn’t necessarily what I was looking for and I went to graduate school. I found myself in various fields, like media and non-profit. Overall, I think the common thread throughout all of this, was that I knew I really loved and wanted to travel. I knew that it was something I had become increasingly passionate about. I’m lucky to be working in the travel department at my current employer.  I can’t say I’ll always have both my personal and professional life within travel, but for now it’s something that works really well for me.

ZD: What’s your favorite part about being an influencer within the travel realm?

Cowan: It’s very humbling. By far, the best part would have to be the responses. Shortly after starting The Globe Getter, I got the opportunity to freelance for Yahoo Travel. After a story I wrote spending my birthday in Mexico was published, I received a lot of emails from people and that for me was just really incredible. I learned that there are others out there who have done similar things, but I also had people reaching out for advice.

I had one woman reach out to me via Facebook. She wanted to travel to Montreal, but was nervous about the whole process. I communicated with her back and forth for about a week or two. And then two or three months later, she wrote to tell me that she just got back from Montreal and that she had the most amazing time. It was so great to see her go from being uncertain to actually make the trip and experience it all. For me, it’s examples like this that keep me traveling and sharing whatever I can.

ZD: Are there specific influencers that you admire?

Cowan: Oh yeah, so many people! My favorite people are ones where I’m always reading their blogs and just seeing what’s going on with them. Oneika the Traveller is so great. I happened to be in Hong Kong last year at the same time as her, I messaged her, told her that I would love to meet with her and actually got to hang out with her in Hong Kong. I love following Adventurous Kate who is just phenomenal and kills it in every way possible. I also love LandLopers. He does these amazing captions on Instagram that really captivate and tell a story. Last, but not least C’est Christine is more of a travel and lifestyle blogger, but has a full time job as well. She’s written a few times about how she makes working remotely and traveling at the same time work for her.

I’ve featured a few of my favorites on my own blog. I think they are people that definitely influence me and also remind me to keep going in the direction that I am in life.  

ZD: What is the most unexpected experience during travels?

Cowan: Oh wow! There are a lot. I was in Ghana for spring break one year. At the time two friends and I decided we wanted to go to Timbuktu in Mali. And it was clearly not easy to get to.  We took buses and cars across multiple countries. There were just so many things involved to get there. At one point got stuck in a small town in Burkina Faso and decided to ride with these nice people who offered to drive us to the border of Mali. What do you know, the car broke down. We were literally in the middle of nowhere, but I remember we were stopped in the middle of the night and – I looked up and had never seen so many stars in my entire life. It was one of those random yet incredible experiences. I’m always dazzled by stars, because I just never see them in New York.  I remember thinking, ‘wow this is so beautiful … I hope the car starts back up.’

I’ve had so many different experiences along the way, and you simply can’t buy the feeling. You can’t even explain the moments sometimes and that’s what makes the best experience. I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a few of those, but this was the first one that came to mind.

ZD: What kinds of work are you really hoping to do for the future?

Cowan: I definitely want to continue writing in terms of being able to tell more stories. Stories are sometime very helpful just to simply remain aware and hear about someone’s experience. I want to continue telling these stories, provided tips and resources where I can. I love the combination of personal and professional life and I know I always want to associate travel into my life into some respect.

I know that I certainly want to continue helping where I can when it comes to travel. I especially want to help women and women of color who may be nervous. I want to let them know that it’s alright to go out and travel. And if you have to do it by yourself, there are ways to do it that are safe. There are ways to do it where you can have fun and meet people. Helping people in that way is a blessing, and I look forward to doing more of that in the future.

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