2016 was bizarre. Social media platforms became legit cultural battlegrounds, exposing in new ways the divisiveness — and weirdness — rampant in our everyday lives. To help us make sense of it, Twitter revealed its “Top 10 Global Conversations of 2016.” Different from years past, events were categorized into topics and hashtags:

Let’s recap the ups and downs.

Amazing people passed in 2016. The upsetting #RIP list included Muhummad Ali, David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Arnold Palmer, and Gene Wilder. And still others. We don’t want to see this hashtag return in 2017, OK world?

Have we had it with politics? Twitter was (is?) a combat zone for this year’s U.S. presidential election. Over 40 million tweets were sent out on Election Day, exceeding all prior election years.

#GameOfThrones broke records with the help of dragons, a much needed resurrection, crazy battles, and—of course—more death and politics. (Why can’t we escape those two?)

Luckily, #PokemonGo was there to distract us! We walked outside, walked in to one another, and then kind of walked away from it all.   

Thanks to the #Oscars, we stopped talking about how much DiCaprio was deserving of one. Chris Rock poked fun at the lack of diversity within Hollywood, and Lady Gaga gave a spectacular and emotional performance dedicated to the survivors of sexual assault.

#Euro2016 was inspiring, watching Cristiano Ronaldo help his homeland Portugal win, but Twitter put #Rio2016 in first place. We saw historic accomplishments like Phelps taking his 23rd gold medal and Usain Bolt’s 100 meter win.

From breaking news to entertainment, it seems everything that happened this year happened on Twitter. Thanks to the usefulness of hashtags, we can easily and fondly look back. Or not. Looking at you, #MannequinChallenge …

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