TrueView for Shopping from Google was updated in early July with new options for viewers to buy products advertised in videos. Released July 12, the changes are an extension of TrueView ads that initially offered the products featured in YouTube ads.

The number of advertisers using TrueView increased 50 percent during 2015. Of those advertisers, one of three use it weekly, according to Google. That shows that retailers recognize the potential of marketing to engaged audiences and the differences of TrueView.

TrueView built on the existing platform Cards, the interactive annotations on YouTube videos, to provide a direct link between retailers and consumers. Cards became available to mobile devices last year allowing brands to include call-to-action text, images and titles within videos. With Cards, marketers provide information about specific products or services to consumers watching relevant videos.



Google TrueView

TrueView’s banner (left) and product list (right) shown on a mobile device.

A banner companion now accompanies videos, highlighting products from within the video. Retailers have the option to choose which products are advertised with the product picker feature in contrast to Google dynamically selecting products to showcase.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.58.46 PM

By clicking on the info circle at the top of the video, traditional video ads display a list of relevant products.

These changes present the opportunity for brands to capitalize on these changes for a few reasons including:

Target audiences

Audience targeting with video ads allows marketers to select audiences based on interests, video viewing history and demographics. TrueView, with a built-in conversion capability, gives retailers the chance to deliberately market to those likely to convert. Brands can remarket to viewers who have returned to watch another related video and to curious viewers who engage with the ads.

Dynamic marketing

TrueView for Shopping features the banner underneath the video featuring relevant products that are likely also being shown in the video. Repeated exposure comes into play when the consumer sees the product multiple places on their screen. TrueView gives consumers another touchpoint toward conversion.

Offer specific Products

With the Product Picker, marketers choose the featured products themselves. Products featured in videos might be the obvious choice for higher conversion rates, but if marketers are looking to feature another product, it’s possible to change. Google also has the capability to dynamically choose for you which products are featured.Whether the viewer has previously viewed makeup tutorials or unboxing videos, marketers can target their video ads to the audiences that will be most responsive. With the correct audience, the ability to choose the right product is even more important.

What this means for brands

The ability to provide additional information about products within video ads provides retailers with a unique opportunity of an additional touchpoint for consumers. When an interested consumer clicks on a product listed on the banner, a list comes up, showing it and similar or related products. With this, brands have the opportunity to market their selected products, shown in the banner, as well as any additional products.

The new touchpoints available in TrueView mean retailers have new ways to target audiences and get appropriate products in front of them. The choices marketers now have to select products ensures the right products will be paired with the right viewers. The heightened visibility and ease of conversion makes TrueView a lucrative advertising option with videos.

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