Global spending on media is on the rise. McKinsey & Company predicts it to surpass 2 trillion in 2019 due to digital advertising’s 16.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). For brands looking to maximize profitability and establish awareness as a market leader, every dollar must be efficiently allocated through data-driven insights.

Spend gets tricky when you take competition into account, but anticipating their year is an important part to taking the lion’s share of the digital market. ZOG Digital has developed forecasting technology that helps brands predict market opportunities and capitalize on competitors’ visibility gaps.

Smart marketers see the big picture – 12 months to add value to a brand can be overwhelming when information is barely available for the next quarter. Making budget decisions early in the year can get complicated without trusted data to rely on.

It’s difficult to discover revenue opportunities on your own. As the digital landscape evolves into 2016, assessing the tools, services, and programs you invest in early is a great way to determine real-time ROI of your overall spend and anticipate which optimizations will pay off throughout the year.

Forecasting Technology Presents Revenue Opportunities

That’s where ZOG Digital’s Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool comes into play. Certified by Forrester and tested by established market leaders, determining where to allocate marketing dollars becomes less of a challenge when you can predict keyword-to-content ROI, traffic for specific keywords, and competitive gaps in search.

Stay in control of budget and targeting by taking historical data a step further. Our technology analyzes your competitors’ previous tactics and current market penetration to capitalize on untapped opportunities. We combine this competitive data with market insights to make informed digital marketing decisions and optimize your budgets to increase visibility and conversions.

By design, the Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool focuses on marketing channels that provide maximum control over audience targeting and budget spend. This includes paid media campaigns, organic traffic, social media channels and content marketing.

Digital Market Share Is Up For Grabs

Search engines are the primary source used by consumers to research and explore solutions before making a purchase. With over 3.5 billion Google searchers per day, the need for connecting with consumers through quality content exposure is clear. Our forecasting tool leverages the intent contained in search terms to help brands capture attention and surpass competitors with additional visibility during key points of the customer’s purchase process.

Align marketing efforts across all channels so every dollar communicates a consistent message that can be tracked with measurable data. By ensuring marketing dollars are divvied up intelligently and tied tightly to specific deliverables, brands create a flexible plan that promotes consumer growth and new revenue opportunities as they arise. This provides security and confidence when venturing into untapped channels with high demand such as YouTube advertising, Pinterest management, or, for retailers, in-store conversion tracking.

The revenue opportunities discovered through forecasting technology give your brand a competitive advantage. The more control you have on budget spend, the more you can direct your content toward new audiences and focus your limited resources into what works.

Visibility a cut above the competition is the key element of successful market dominance. Utilize ZOG Digital’s industry expertise and keyword forecasting technology to set clear traffic and revenue expectations that establish the business case for amplified marketing budgets.

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