the-2016-digital-marketing-budget-and-trend-guide.pdf (133 downloads) What You’ll Learn…
Consumer behaviors have evolved, and brands that fail to meet user expectations with engaging content that is visible in digital channels will soon experience a decrease in market share and ROI. Leverage trusted data and technology to develop smarter content that is valuable to the specific needs of your target audience segments.

In this report, we will address how brands must react to three major digital marketing trends to stay competitive in 2016:

  • Media budgets are continuing their shift from traditional marketing to digital
  • Reallocate traditional budgets to digital channels
  • Adapt content to complement device usage
  • Craft a seamless digital experience across devices
  • Leverage performance data to improve ROI
  • Mobile engagement is surpassing desktop
  • Develop campaigns alongside mobile growth
  • Increase visibility with mobile optimization
  • Video content is driving engagement and ROI
  • Nurture lead conversion with video advertising
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