Increase Visibility With Keyword Forecasting Technology

What You’ll Learn…
As the search marketing environment evolves, ZOG Digital recognizes a need for brands to project results from search and content marketing. With the growing influence of user intent in consumer discovery, predicting the value keywords hold enables brands to better utilize resources and provide strategic direction.

ZOG Digital’s Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool allows brands to process data and set expectations for traffic and revenue performance. By predicting how keywords will perform, marketers can gauge the impact of competitor strategies, intelligently allocate budgets, and identify the best opportunities to generate results across marketing channels. This insight fosters the business case for SEO by developing content roadmaps with ROI objectives and moving beyond search volume to identify keyword opportunities.

Trends Impacting Search Marketing Spend
The Value of Keyword Forecasting
How the Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool Calculates ROI
Results Driven By Calculated Search Content

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