Yesterday, Twitter hosted its second annual Twitter Flight developer conference, where it announces new features and updates to the public.

The biggest takeaway from this keynote event is that there are new tools for brands invested in social media and content development need to know use when developing content strategies moving into 2016. It’s imperative that marketers understand that Twitter, under newly reinstated CEO Jack Dorsey, is focusing on improving quality of life for users who share Twitter content.

Here’s what you need to know about Twitter’s latest features:


This new feature replaces embedding singular tweets, especially helpful for marketers showing their best work, brands showing their favorite users’ tweets, or journalists showing what people are saying about their story. Tweets in Collections are chronological, and are easy to create. Collections are limited to creation on Twitter’s first-party tools like Tweetdeck where you can drag and drop tweets into their own feed, as demonstrated below:

collection gif

Simply open open a new column, select “Collections,” create a new Collection, and you can drag and drop tweets, retweets, and replies you wish to share. Titles and descriptions can also be added to make things more descriptive.

Collections can be integrated into websites in a matter of seconds. This is renewed focus on sharing Twitter content means that embedding solitary tweets that look like this are now more simplistic, obsolete:

Why show off one tweet when you could show off a list of your best ones? Twitter’s latest feature evolves Twitter into a new medium for finding user-generated content ready to share with audiences on other sites. With Collections, embedded tweets have evolved to look like this:

This means that influencers, marketers and brands can select which tweets, retweets and replies for feeds that can remain static or continue to be updated. It’s a clear step up from simply sharing a Twitter feed or just one tweet on your blog.

Twitter’s focus on sharing its content means that the social media company is taking into account that Twitter users interact with other channels on the Internet. The tweets remain interactive and can be updated even when a blog post is not. This gives more power to the marketers who rely on influencers to get longterm growth outside.

Embedded Grid

Knowing how to use Collections is a necessary first step for marketers excited to use the more impressive way to share tweets: Embedded Grid.

In short, Embedded Grid is a visually captivating new way to share tweets on other sites.

This feature comes at a great time for marketers who are investing resources into crafting more creative visual content. As seen below, curated tweets will create a grid that overlays the tweets and links over their photos within a stunning, chronological grid of the chosen tweets:

Because it’s a grid, note that all tweets curated will be squared. If this doesn’t already reinforce that community management is best done with visual content to accompany great tweets, savvy marketers will be aware this tool will be best used for curating their best tweets with photos and videos into a chance to boost its value outside of Twitter.

Embedded Grids are responsive, but are currently only visible on desktops. Embedded Grids are created through Twitter Publish. After creating a Collection, simply paste its custom URL into to convert their curated tweets into visually impressive content.

Twitter is positioning to be more than just the revolutionary social media platform it was in 2007. It wants to take its users’ content and turn it another interactive way to tell a story moving into 2016. By integrating these new content sharing tools into community management and content development strategies, brands have the power to to earn more visibility from their tweets after they hit publish button.

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