Scottsdale, AZ — ZOG Digital announced today that Forrester Consulting has certified its Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool, which provides search and content marketing performance insights through keyword revenue projections.

To achieve this certification, ZOG Digital’s tool was evaluated by Forrester’s TEI methodology, which includes a rigorous cost and benefit analysis framework. Forrester’s review analyzed the ROI models used by ZOG Digital to calculate the potential benefits that can be achieved through improved data accuracy, forecasting value and actionable return on investment.

Forrester interviewed numerous ZOG Digital clients and assessed in detail the overall logic, completeness of the model, ease of use, accuracy of the calculations, appropriateness of default values, and transparency of the tool and its outputs. Based on the evaluation, Forrester found that results from this tool are representative of what companies may achieve with ZOG Digital based on the inputs provided.

The objective of commissioning Forrester Consulting to evaluate the tool was to give marketers confidence in the accuracy behind ZOG Digital’s performance forecasting model. “Our Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool provides predictability in our search, social and content marketing performance outcomes,” said Jeff Herzog, Chairman & CEO of ZOG Digital. “We’ve united proprietary algorithms, years of historical client data, and third party data to create a intuitive, automated tool.”

Clients who used the Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool recently shared, “Our experience was closely predicted by the numbers in the ROI calculator. ZOG Digital is easy to work with, not just because of great results, but also because of their ability to control content.”

To learn more about ZOG Digital’s Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool, visit or send an email to

About ZOG Digital

ZOG Digital is a leading digital marketing company. The company specializes in discovery marketing solutions including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, paid advertising, web development and design. ZOG Digital creates, optimizes and amplifies content that enables brands to more effectively find and connect with customers. The company’s Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool was recently certified by Forrester Research to provide accurate search and content marketing performance insights through keyword revenue projections. ZOG Digital is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with clients that include Allstate, KitchenAid, Capital One, National Geographic and Focus Brands. For more information, connect with the team at or on Twitter @ZOGDigital.

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