Home décor is a market where smart customers like to research before they buy. 91 percent of people use desktops and laptops to research items before they buy. It’s all the more important for one-of-a-kind retailers to keep their products top-of-mind for consumers as, for many customers, going to the store is now the last step of the purchase journey. Keep in mind that while a customer may know about your brand, it’s equally important for search engines to be familiar with your digital presence to show consumers your products at key points during the research process.

Be Known by Google

This means optimizing websites for discovery and amplifying digital reputation. Including keyword-infused copy, optimized around user intent, helps your products appear to consumers at the right times. Although including high-quality images with text overlays may look great, keywords will always be the oil that keep search engines performing in sync with your brand. A valuable part of keyword strategy is to have optimization integrated into all content to make Google crawls as easy as possible.

Optimizing each piece of written and visual content for user intent improves the visibility of product pages so they can be easily discovered by search. All descriptions should be personalized towards the premium item to generate exposure for top products with the best ROI. Websites are more than just a catalog — they provide an avenue to engage with customers when they are still in the research phase, so understand how your customers are searching to increase exposure from optimization at key moments throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Creating content consistently, whether on your blog or across the web, acts on an important opportunity to be timely to customers and drive consumers back to your site. Ethan Allen publishes blog posts that include high-quality videos and images on a weekly basis The decorating, inspiration, and press sections keep fans interested and up to date, keeping Ethan Allen top of mind when they are looking for their next living room classic.

Links are valuable to boost your content’s reach across search channels for branded and non-branded phrases when incorporated into content relevant to user search trends. Though Ethan Allen has dedicated resources to a great blog and active social media accounts, taking one step further and crafting a digital PR strategy to earn new links across the web is the best way to earn them new customers.

Targeting other blogs with relevant content and an active fan base means that the readers already have an interest in home décor. Reputation and authority are most beneficial when accessing top influencers to discuss your products. Continuous development of fresh and relevant content is the best way to differentiate a brand on the Internet.

Streamline SEO for Customer Engagement

luxury retail SEOGoogle provides all the tools necessary to flesh out the result in your SERP. Reviews, locations, and onsite search are all valuable to make it easy to earn clicks. For retail stores, the benefit is optimizing product pages to appear based on top use search queries. Rich snippets like reviews can help build trust with users and influence more engagement.

Good reviews need to be earned. A lot of consumer opinion comes from the anonymous reviews they find online, so you’re leaving money on the table when people are searching for your products and you don’t have good or neutral reviews.

Reviews are fairly important, but the first step to driving action from search is to optimize your content seen in search with CTAs and enticing descriptions that drive engagement. As seen in the example from Restoration Hardware, sitelinks should be optimized with 155 characters to avoid displaying ellipses, and page titles should include descriptive content that stimulates engagement instead of generic titles such as “Homepage.”

There’s money left on the table here because there’s a complete lack of meta descriptions and optimized titles. Though both aren’t as valuable as they used to be in terms of SEO, the value they provide for customers is to create engaging first result SERP that warrants a click.

Optimize the Mobile Consumer Experience

It’s disheartening to see a website that doesn’t optimize for the small screen. People search on their phones in-store, so when a website’s content is not optimized for mobile devices, it becomes more difficult for people to find information that can help drive a purchase. While it can look attractive, if it’s not legible, or worse, not clickable, it does not provide any information or reason for new customers to stay on your website.

According to Google, two in three consumers can’t find the information they need in stores and 43 percent then leave frustrated. Mobile search is the immediate solution to this problem; ensuring that results are an optimized opportunity for retailers is vital to improve the in-store shopping experience.

It’s no longer acceptable for mobile to be an afterthought. If you’re going to invest in a website, take care of it like you would any of your other franchises and work with professionals to amplify your brand for all channels.

Zuri Furniture has invested in developing a website specifically designed for mobile browsers. Their images are friendly to taps and are legible at a distance. By including a button to upload mobile photos, it encourages utility only provided by smartphones. All of their social media is easy to tap, and click-to-call is as easy as a long press from the contact footer. Everything is easy to find, there’s a menu at the top right corner to continue to navigate the page, and the cart is easily accessible right next to the search options. Mobile optimization like this improves user experience and creates a new revenue stream by influencing consumers to take action from mobile devices.

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Zuri Furniture’s site could use one additional boost ­— optimizing the homepage with additional text content to improve search visibility. High-quality images do it well, but keyword-enhanced page copy gives search engines more reasons to pull their site and will also fit well for all screen sizes.

Luxury retailers that focus on in-store purchases need to know the value that comes with their researching consumers. By providing them the easily discoverable tools to arm themselves with information on both desktops and their mobile phones, search is the gateway to creating the intent to purchase.

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