In September 2015, ZOG Digital is introducing proprietary technology that forecasts web traffic and revenue from organic keywords used in search. These projections enable brands to confidently develop effective SEO and content marketing strategies.

By using Google Keyword Planner’s search volume data, bid value projections, client and competitor information, keyword rankings, and subsequent performance, keyword ROI can be accurately predicted for search campaigns.

In addition, this keyword forecasting tool will provide projections of traffic share for the next 12 months alongside competitor projections. The software takes information such as current keyword rankings, expected keyword improvement, and industry keyword positioning to calculate the value of a query.

Historical data from a client’s previous keyword performance is used to determine where improvements to campaigns can produce greater visibility and engagement. With this historical baseline and knowledge from third party sources like Authority Labs Partner API, a monthly rank improvement percentage is generated.

With user-provided data and the latest API’s, the Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool is best used to optimize search campaigns for the results-driven marketer. The software is intended to illustrate the return on what a typical SEO campaign with ZOG Digital will look like.

To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar. On September 17th, 2015, Thomas Stern is joined by Forrester Research Analyst Collin Colburn to discuss the latest data and insights on this year’s trends in search, investment and return comparisons in paid search, and share a sneak peek of ZOG Digital’s Keyword ROI Forecasting Tool.


Webinar with Forrester Research

Thursday, September 17, 2015, 10:00am PT

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