Test UX Frequently or Fail at Driving Conversions

When was the last time you viewed your website as one of your visitors? Bad user experience can be a major reason your website and marketing doesn’t convert consumers. By creating an experience that is optimized and fluidly moves users through the sales cycle, your brand can increase its digital output and drive more online engagement. Below is a highlight from our recent article about the important of UX on Business.com. To learn more about increasing conversions with good UX, read our full article, visit our education center, and contact ZOG Digital for an audit and analysis of how your brand can increase its digital authority.


The UX Best Practice Checklist

The Content

  • What is the purpose and goal of your website?
  • Is the message consistent and clear?
  • Are your Calls-To-Action descriptive?
  • What can user see above the fold?
  • Is your content laid out to be engaging on each page?
  • Do design features enhance your content? Could you improve?

The User

  • Do you know what your users want from your website?
  • Would a user know what you do in the first 5 seconds of being on your page?
  • Is your website designed for your ideal clients or your actual users?
  • Where do users come from?
  • What landing pages do visitors see?
  • What content do visitors engage with most?
  • How do users interact with your site?
  • Do you help guide your users through your website?

 The Usability

  • Is your website responsive?
  • Does your website stay consistent across browsers?
  • Did you think about accessibility?
  • Is your site speed holding back user engagement?
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