Three years after Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, all of Facebook’s advanced targeting tools for advertisements will now be available on Instagram. What this means for digital marketers is that it will be even easier to target potential customers if you have the budget.

Currently, digital marketers can only target based on gender, location and age. In the next few months, you will be able to integrate a user’s Facebook data on Instagram — things such as interests and likes. This is a win for marketers because now advertising efforts will be more successful as they will be targeted to the right audience, driving sales and increasing ROI. Likewise, users will likely have a better experience as they won’t see advertisements in their feeds that don’t pertain to them.

Because of this new feature, the price of Facebook ads will likely increase to meet the demand.

According to Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions Caroyln Everson, the goal is that “the creative community really starts to learn and understand the power of our data.”

Canaccord Genuity estimates that Instagram will generate $1.2 billion in revenue next year and almost $4 billion by 2018 with this rollout of new features.

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