With video advertisements becoming increasingly popular for brands, Twitter announced today that it will now offer autoplay video to its users just like Facebook.

These ads will also be displayed larger in users feeds and with no sound unless a user clicks on the ad. Unlike Facebook, however, if a user flips the screen sideways, the sound on the ad will be turned on. Vine videos and GIFs will also be supported in advertisements.

So what does this mean for advertisers?

Because of this change to autoplay, pricing for video ads will be changed for advertisers. Rather than charging for each time a user clicks on a video, the company will charge for video ads that are viewed at 100% for at least three seconds. This comes after extensive testing from Twitter to figure how users view and respond to ads on a device. Twitter claims that videos on autoplay provides a more engaging experience to users.

It’s important to remember that users still have the ability to opt-out of this feature and keep the original click to play setting, which is important to factor into your advertising strategy.

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