instagram shop nowFollowing in the footsteps of Pinterest and Google, Instagram will now offer advanced advertising options for brands.

Thanks to new technology from Facebook, the app will allow marketers to target its 300 million active users by age, gender, location and other factors just like they can on Facebook.

Marketers can also include buttons, such as “Shop Now”, to encourage users to find out more information, download an app or purchase an item that they see in their feed. Instagram is also introducing a new software platform where marketers can automate this advertising process to make for more streamlined delivery.

Because there is always a fear that too much advertising will turn users away, Instagram is careful to point out that the ads will be a balance between what advertisers and consumers want. The ads will blend as much as possible with what photos are appearing and not disrupt too much of the user-experience.

This expansion of advertising options has been long anticipated by marketers and one company, RBC Capital Markets, estimates that this could bring between $1.3 billion to $2.1 billion dollars worth of revenue to Facebook, which bought the company in 2012.

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