Whether you pull out your phone to search for the breaking news story of the day or to see if Nickelback released a new single, now when you go to search on your phone Tweets will show up on your screen if you are searching in English.

tweets in google

This comes as a bid by Twitter to drive membership and appeal to a wider audience.

“When tapping on a tweet in Google search, you’ll be taken directly to Twitter where you can view the Tweet and discover additional content,” said Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of global business development & platform at Twitter.

This new partnership between Google and Twitter should come as good news to marketers as it provides an even greater opportunities for brand exposure. Now that Tweets will pop up in search results, your content has a better chance of getting seen and driving website traffic.

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive and strategic social media strategy on Twitter. Marketers need to identify the best hashtags to use and conduct keyword research to create compelling content that is optimized for audience interests and search exposure.

When it makes sense, brands should also consider investing in Twitter advertising as this increases your chances even more content exposure. Twitter has many advanced targeting options to help marketers target more efficiently, increasing CTR, and in turn, their conversion rate.

This partnership combined with the growing prevalence of mobile searches over desktop searches presents a vast array of opportunities for brands.

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