Content calendars help bring your content strategy to life by organizing your focus and delivery across website content, blogs, social media, webinars, and a variety of digital outlets. By developing a strong content calendar, your brand can craft a message that flows across all channels and resonates with unique audience segments to support an overall goal of driving leads. Create a shareable calendar using Google Docs or hosting an Excel spreadsheet on a cloud service to keep team members collaborative and focused on their goals. Use your calendar to track content title, media type, platform, key discussion points, author, publish date, and any other information relevant to your industry of publication channels. By mapping out your content over a month or quarter time frame, you can keep unique audience segments more engaged and develop a strategy that holds internal team members accountable for reaching goals.


6 Ways a Calendar Can Improve Content Creation

  1. Visually process deadlines and production for all content channels
  2. Increase ease of execution
  3. Take a bird’s eye view of content to fill any gaps
  4. Encourage cross-channel collaboration and brainstorming
  5. Plan campaigns focused around important dates and product launches
  6. Avoid lulls in content creation with organized deadlines and accountability


For a complete look into how your brand can leverage a content calendar to improve your reach and value, read our full article by ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern in

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