Are you tracking the right data to measure your marketing ROI? By understanding the KPIs to watch your brand can identify the obstacles and opportunities faced by your marketing campaigns. Check out the highlights from our recent article in and measuring marketing results to create more engaging campaigns that drive conversions.


1. Unique Website Visitors – overall digital reach and the effectiveness of campaigns

2. Top Website Content – trends in content topics and mediums across different channels

3. Top Landing Pages – where users come into your website

4. Referral Sources – what content drives traffic to your site

5. Bounce Rates – how engaging your content is

6. Social Fan Growth – which platforms offer the best engagement opportunities for your brand

7. Social Media Post Performance – what audience segments are most engaged and what content drives users to share and interact

8. Website Errors (Google Webmaster) – how to improve user-experience and online exposure

9. Qualified Leads From Marketing – what marketing efforts are most effective

10. Cost Per Lead – how to allocate resources


For a complete look into how your brand can improve engagement and drive sales with data analysis, read our full article by ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern in

Learn more information about tracking KPIs and measuring data in our education center and contact ZOG Digital for help increasing online exposure and developing an effective digital strategy.

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