Like putting too much hot sauce on your taco, there are some mistakes you want to avoid when creating digital content this Cinco de Mayo. Whether or not your brand is launching a big digital marketing campaign or just planning to give a shout out on social media, there are five digital marketing mistakes you don’t want to make.


  1. Watch What You Say

While this date often appeals to advertisers angling to captivate a certain ethnic group, it’s important that your marketing isn’t insulting or perpetuating a stereotype. Be extremely cautious and make sure your marketing campaign isn’t offensive.


  1. Be True To Your Brand

While you may enjoy knocking back a few cervezas or shots of tequila, don’t lose sight of the brand voice you establish with the content you create. What you share reflects how people perceive your brand’s image, so make sure to keep content and tone relevant to your industry. Don’t force a Cinco de Mayo post if you don’t think it’s the right fit for your brand.


  1. Don’t Hijack Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to tie your status updates to relevant and trending topics, but tweet with caution as one wrong post can make your brand look as bad as a burnt quesadilla. Remember back in 2011 when Kenneth Cole tried to piggyback off of protests that were happening in Egypt? Don’t include a hashtag in your posts if it isn’t relevant to the point you are trying to make, and be sure to research the context of any trending hashtags before you use them. Misusing hashtags is a sure-fire way to make users lose trust in your brand. If you do decide to include hashtags in your posts, keep them short and to the point. Nobody wants to dig through a pile of hashtags to find what you really want to say.


  1. Be Creative

Leveraging creative visual content is a great way to increase engagement and help put your social posts in front of consumers. Nothing can ruin a status update or tweet faster than an overused stock photo of people wearing sombreros or the world’s most interesting man drinking a Dos Equis. If you are going to post a picture with your status update, make sure to differentiate your brand from all the noise in your follower’s news feeds.


  1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. This is a time to celebrate the culture and heritage of Mexico, so don’t be afraid to bring the fun to your social media presence. Many people celebrate the holiday by letting loose, so don’t be afraid to make people laugh if it’s in line with your brand’s message.


Cinco de Mayo provides a great opportunity for marketers to position themselves in the digital space and build relationships with followers, just remember to stay true to your core values. Create a fully optimized digital marketing campaign by understanding the interests and behaviors of your audience through search and social media data.

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