SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Apr. 16, 2015) – ZOG Digital, a leading digital marketing and technology company, is now offering responsive design services following Google’s recent announcement that websites lacking mobile optimization may be penalized in search rankings.

Recently, Google announced on its blog that websites lacking mobile-friendly design would see a significant impact in search results starting April 21, 2015. Due to the recent surge in mobile subscriptions worldwide, Google has backed responsive web design as its preferred format to offer an optimized and quality user-experience on every screen.

“Responsive design is essential to protecting SEO and creating an engaging user-experience that drives conversions from all devices,” said Jason Squardo, SVP of Optimization for ZOG Digital. “As mobile usage continues to grow, search engines push to create a mobile-friendly experience that is consistent across all screen sizes. At ZOG Digital, we remain an industry leader by staying ahead of these changes and helping brands remain competitive and relevant.”

With a growing need for mobile optimization, responsive web design is a new business requirement to ensure improvements in search exposure, user-experience, and content management.

ZOG Digital offers a free white paper, infographic, and extensive content to educate brands on the benefits of responsive design and how to prepare for future Google algorithm changes.


About ZOG Digital

ZOG Digital is a leading digital marketing and technology company. We create, optimize and amplify content that enables brands to more effectively find and connect with their customers. ZOG Digital offers a full spectrum of discovery marketing solutions, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, and design and development. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, our clients are leaders across all industries and include Pep Boys, Allstate, KitchenAid, Capital One, National Geographic, and Focus Brands.

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