Is your paid media driving sales? It should be. Increase your ROI from paid advertising with strong and relevant ad copy that generates engagement. By offering valuable and effective copy in ads, you can develop clarity and compel users to take action. Leveraging the tips below can help construct campaigns that resonate with users and boost conversion rates.


Align Marketing Goals Across Channels – Let your ads be a reflection of your marketing goals that span across all your digital assets.

Tailor Ad Copy To Audience Targeting – Define your goals for each segment and develop ad copy around each segment’s unique attraction to the benefits offered by your business.

Split Test Ad Copy – Different segments may respond best to different copy, so test both within matching audience segments and across all campaigns.

Use Keywords In Ad Copy – Increase the relevancy and exposure of your ads by discovering how your audience segments search and integrating those keywords into your ad copy.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Dynamic keyword insertion is an advanced AdWords feature that allows your ads to show unique copy to users with the keywords that initially triggered your ad in search.

Clear Calls To Action – The time viewers will be exposed to your ad is limited, so deliver your message in a concise and easy to read format that compels users to tack action.


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