In 2014, digital marketing endeavors accounted for 25 percent of all marketing expenditures. That amount is expected to grow to 33 percent in 2015, which makes digital marketing one of the largest expenses this year for any competitive business.

The new king in the digital landscape is quality, engaging content—especially in the hyper-competitive scene of mobile marketing. Mobile has transitioned from a “second screen” resource to the primary method of consumer engagement. It’s grown to the point where 56 percent of all time spent engaging with U.S. online retail occurs via mobile device. The challenge is that marketers only get one chance to engage with mobile consumers; it’s a make or break medium—users have endless content at their fingertips and they won’t return to mobile websites or apps that fail to deliver the desired experience.

Maximize your mobile resources with vivid imagery, concise content, and a user experience designed to increase engagement. See more ways to increase your mobile experience with our infographic below. Download the high-resolution version for free in our education center.

Infographic - Mobile Content Engagement

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