Landing pages offer users a first impression of your brand’s personality and delivery. Setting the tone with a well-designed landing page that utilizing clear copy and strong calls to action can help increase your conversions and drive more engagement for your paid media campaigns.


Keep It Simple – Delivery your message and value with concise content and clear design that resonates with users

Merge Similar Functions – Increase the simplicity of your page by condensing or removing duplicate features such as navigation, CTAs, long forms, etc

Balance Your Give And Take – Offer users something in return for interacting with your page and completing a form, download, or sale

Leverage User-Generated Content – Testimonials and reviews can increase conversion rates by added trust and relevancy to your landing pages

Resonate Your Primary Action – Remove any barriers to entry and make your message clear with strong calls to action


For a complete look into how you can increase your campaign ROI with powerful landing pages, read our full article by ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern in

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