Although Google has yet to confirm recent updates to search algorithms, many webmasters have been discussing the recent changes to Google’s SERPs that have centered on e-commerce. According to a post from Marcus Tober, the update focused mostly on e-commerce terms, brand misspellings, and measurable CPC keywords. Previously, misspellings of brand names such as “addidas” commonly ranked price comparison sites, shops, and small ad sites in the top results. Google now identifies these typos and has redirected pages back to the proper brand search, giving more search authority to brands and major retailers.


This update focused on cleaning up branded searches in Google, which means more exposure and a shift in rankings for many retailers and e-commerce businesses. It also urges brands to rethink their paid search strategy for marketers targeting misspellings and branded content.

So far, it appears the update has not influenced mobile results, but expect more update as Google continues to develop its branded search pages.

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