Is your brand a relevant thought leader? Developing timely content is crucial to generating authority amongst your target users. 82 percent of users like reading content from brands when it’s relevant, a standard developed through value and delivery. As Drake points out in the title from his new album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, relevancy is about staying ahead of the curve. This new release from Drake came as a surprise to many fans as he kept its develop a secret. With minimal industry buzz about the album, its release has pushed Drake to be the top trending search in Google and has helped album circulation.

Like Drake, your content should be unique and create engagement by offering something users can’t get elsewhere. Share a new viewpoint on a trending topic or leverage your brands expertise to create content worth talking about. Delivering stale and recycled content can actually damage your brand and disrupt the image you have worked to develop – be unique.

Establish recognition for your brand as a relevant authority by creating processes to monitor industry trends. Create conversations that generate buzz and increase shareability. By pioneering the market and setting the trend, your content can outrank competitors and drive more visibility for your brand.

Learn more about developing valuable content and don’t be afraid to do the unexpected.

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