Valentines Day is just around the corner and while love may be blind, your social content is not. Whether your brand is planning a big campaign or simply to share a small token of love through social media, it is important to avoid any digital content faux pas that can lower engagement. We hate to bring it up with so much love in the air, but from brand to brand we think its time we had a serious talk…

  1. Don’t Discriminate – Share The Love

It’s true that Valentines Day is a time for love, but that doesn’t mean you should exclude all of your followers who are single. Differentiate your brand with posts that all users can relate to instead of just focusing on romance and couples. Consider creating posts that share the love for your products or customers to keep content relatable. Remember that the holiday is all about love, but nobody likes PDA. Keep it classy and inviting to all.

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  1. Follow The Crowd – Be True To Your Brand

Maintaining your brand’s tone and voice on social media is important to building a strong and consistent image. What you share reflects how users interpret your brand, so choose your content wisely. Try to keep your holiday content relevant to your unique attributes and industry, and don’t force a Valentines Day post if you feel it’s not a good fit.

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  1. Use Cheesy Stock Images – Be Creative

Leveraging visual content is a great way to increase engagement and visibility in your social updates, but few things are worse than a cheesy stock image of a heart or a teddy bear holding flowers. If you are going to post a picture with your content, keep it original and creative to differentiate your brand from all the noise in your follower’s news feeds.

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  1. Take Yourself Too Serious – Use Humor

While Valentines Day may be a time for lovers to get serious, it doesn’t mean your brand can’t have some fun with the holiday. Don’t be shy about making jokes or using images that make people laugh. After all, isn’t that really what love is about?

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  1. Hashtag Hijacking – Keep It Simple

Hashtags can be a good way to tie your status updates to relevant and trending topics, however too much of a good thing can be bad. If you include hashtags in your posts, keep them short and to the point. Nobody wants to dig through a pile of hashtags to find what you really want to say, just like those chalky candy hearts.

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With nearly two-thirds of all Americans waiting till a week or less before the holiday to start planning, your brand still has an opportunity to create content that will resonate and share the love. However you choose to flatter your fans this Valentines Day, keep it engaging to all of your followers and remember to stay true to your brand.

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