Last night ZOG Digital team members had the privilege to attend Danny Sullivan’s presentation at AZIMA in Scottsdale, Arizona. Amongst the networking buzz and cocktails, Danny emerged to proclaim that SEO is dead.

He explained that as Google continues to develop and focus more on both paid advertisements and providing users valuable information quickly, search engines have begun to push organic listings to the wayside. Take for instance that with paid ads, local listings, shopping recommendations, and many other recent features that now control the top of the SERP, organic listings are no longer the first thing users see. In fact, organic listings will often not show up above the fold, depending on screen size.

Additionally, in Google’s continued attempts to provide users with relevant information quickly, they now include answers to common questions directly in the search window allowing users to access information without ever scrolling down or even clicking a link. For example, search Google for the definition of a word, the upcoming football schedule, or Obama’s birthday and you will find your answer without the need to click on any page listing. This new focus on connecting data and updates to search algorithms has provided new challenges for SEO. Today focus is shifting to paid media and niche content to gain authority in search.

For more insights into how SEO is changing, watch Danny Sullivan’s presentation from last night in the SlideShare below. Let us know how you think these changes will affect SEO moving forward.

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