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Pinterest is often viewed as a platform primarily used by women; however, Michael Lopp, head of engineering at Pinterest, recently announced that the platform has doubled its active male users in the past year. One third of all new members are males and many emerging markets boast a 50/50 split of male and female users. While only twenty percent of US users are males, it still equates to about 10 million male users and big opportunities for your brand.

Below we have analyzed the ways your brand can leverage this underutilized male demographic and increase engagement on Pinterest through strong visual content.


  • Identify how segments behave
  • Analyze what’s popular amongst top ranked male users
  • Focus content around design, art, inspiration, culinary, style, travel, humor, hip trends, tech, geek, and how-to
  • Watch what content is trending on Pinterest
  • Optimize for ecommerce – many men use Pinterest with the intent to make a purchase
  • Utilize rich pins to upload your content with pricing, availability, and location
  • Develop video content – men spend 40 percent more time watching videos than women
  • Use creative imagery over lifestyle focused content
  • Optimize with detailed descriptions between 100-200 characters

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