With so many constant industry changes and moving parts of a digital strategy it can be challenging to not fall victim to at least a few bad habits. We analyzed the common problems we witnessed from many brands this year and developed a quick guide to help keep you effective and focused in 2015.


  1. Refresh your goals and monitor success with monthly and quarterly analysis
  2. Develop cohesive plans that tie all your marketing efforts together to compliment one another
  3. Automation in moderation – keep a personal touch to your content and community outreach
  4. Develop your content for mobile to improve user experience and usability
  5. Create personalized content that focuses on niche audiences to increase engagement
  6. Focus on creating quality content, not quantity
  7. Keep a close eye on your data to measure your brand’s obstacles and opportunities


For more insights into how you can kick your bad marketing habits in 2015, read our full article by ZOG Digital’s Sara Flick in Business.com

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