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Google is hinting at another shakeup to its mobile ranking algorithm. According to Search Engine Land, the search engine giant said this week it consider including mobile experience to its ranking factors, meaning that links that automatically direct to corresponding mobile pages might be given prominence in the near future.

Facebook is going head to head with Google with the upcoming release of a new ad network called Atlas. Atlas, which will be available to marketers this year, will utilize Facebook’s massive consumer targeting data for ads placed on websites outside of the Facebook network, much like Google Adwords.

New research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that B2B marketers are creating more content than ever before, with 42 percent publishing new content on a daily basis. But, more than a third say they don’t think they’re doing a good job at content marketing.

Facebook has unveiled new Local Awareness Ads, which allow marketers to target users who are within a specific geographic radius — such as a mile around the business. This is the most specific geo-targeting option offered by Facebook to date and can include calls to action such as “get directions,” which will show users locate the store.

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