Engaging your customers with educational, informative and interesting YouTube videos is one way to optimize your social media strategy and improve your SEO ranking.

YouTube videos are a must for any business looking to grow its brand and sales because they are easy to understand and allow for personal engagement with customers. Businesses, both big and small, are already taking advantage of the ever-growing market for “how-to” knowledge on YouTube, creating videos that deliver beyond what can be done through traditional instructional booklets.

With YouTube now under the Google umbrella, creating a YouTube channel, and integrating videos through your social media network, is key if you want to improve your SEO rankings, engage with users and increase sales.

Kreg Tool

Kreg Tool knows its customers love learning how to get the most out of every tool in their garage. The Kreg Jig allows you to build strong, lasting and aesthetically pleasing wood joints without glue, normally a time consuming and difficult task. But what good is the jig if you don’t know how to use it? That’s why Kreg’s YouTube channel is stocked full of videos on how to build products for your home using the tool. It’s videos on making frames, crown molding and cabinets have all been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and the comments are full of customers asking for more. Kreg’s YouTube channel is a perfect example of how some simple, short and cheap to produce videos can get customers fired up about a product.

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Some assembly required. Those are scary words to parents. Mattel knows that too, so it has a whole series of videos on YouTube explaining how to put together some of its more complicated products. The “how-to” video for the Barbie Dream Townhome has more than 1.5 million views alone. This is an example of customer service at its best: answer questions before they happen and keeping customers happy. Videos like this will encourage those customers to stay with the Mattel brand, and purchase more complicated products in the future, without the fear of not getting them put together before Christmas morning.

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Warby Parker

You can’t get more personalized than Warby Parker’s YouTube strategy when it comes to customer relations. Because the online eyeglass retailer has a only a few of physical showrooms, employees use the Warby Parker Help YouTube channel to answer questions from customers asked over social media platforms. For example, when someone asks what type of frames are best for a specific face type, someone will go through the options for them, showing how they look, just like a sales rep wound do in a brick and motor location. This allows each customer to feel appreciated and valued, despite never being able to go to a showroom and meet face-to-face. This is customer relations at its finest, combining the convenience of buying online with the personal attention of a brick and motor store, all by simply being attentive and taking advantage of YouTube.

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YouTube Optimization and Local SEO Services

You could make the best, most informative and entertaining YouTube channel out there, but it won’t matter if people can’t find it. YouTube optimization is a must. Not only will it help put your videos on top of search lists, but it can also bump up the rankings for your main site as well.

One way to do that is to include your business name, address and phone number in as many locations as possible. You should include this information in the description field. YouTube allows for a lot of space, so in addition to using it to clearly describe what the video is about, you can also include a short biography of your company. Another place to add it is in the video itself, specifically to closed captions. YouTube now indexes captions added to videos, giving search engines yet another source to use to understand what your video is about, and to rank it against the millions of other videos competing for attention.

Another way to help your new online customer relations channel move up the rankings is to integrate it as part of your overall social media strategy, including attaching the video on your Google Places page. Additionally, sharing videos on your company’s social networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook helps with your SEO ranking and engages potential customers.

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