By Sara Flick

Digital marketing provides brands the opportunity to build awareness and generate consumer engagement in ways that are tangible and trackable. When it comes to investing resources, digital marketing provides advantages to traditional efforts, in the sense that results can be measured — even in real-time — and tactics can be optimized to make sure that every dollar is utilized efficiently.

Marketers have likely already started to plan their 2014 budgets, but there may be some room to utilize some contingency funds for 2013. Digital advertising offers various ways to creatively utilize the remainder of any budget.

The most efficient and simple way to use a remaining marketing budget, is through paid advertising channels. Additionally, nearly all dollars spent on digital marketing are done through paid advertising — a trend that is expected to increase, with interactive budgets expected to nearly double over the next five years.

promoted tweets, Twitter, digital advertising, ZOG DigitalPromoted Tweets

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy would already involve a paid search component, including display, retargeting, Facebook and other digital advertising. However, some brands may benefit from using their “Hail Mary” pass on Twitter advertising.

“Depending on a company’s particular industry and goals, promoted tweets have a strong performance when running, for example, a special sale or promotional message,” says Kim Giroux, vice president of paid advertising for ZOG Digital.

Promoted tweets purchased by advertisers are great for driving action, such as individuals to your website. It is also a great way to showcase coupons, deals, sales and giveaways. Additionally, promoted tweets can be used to build brand awareness. By promoting tweets that contain blog posts, white papers, events or product launches, you can reach a wider audience in order to connect with brand advocates and influencers.

It’s important to be creative when using twitter advertising. Consider a promoted tweet that utilizes a trending hashtag, or include a creative image for more visibility and opportunity for engagement. Remember, the more interesting and relevant your content — whether a promoted or traditional tweet — the more likely you are to see user engagement (favorites, retweets, etc.)

The most important thing to remember when throwing a digital Hail Mary is to test and track the results. If using promoted tweets, A/B test part of your budget on various content iterations in order to see which option performs best. Use tagged links in order to track your ad’s performance. Remember, even though you may be trying something new, it’s critical to treat the tactic as a part of your traditional strategy.

YouTube advertising

There may be other ways to throw your own digital advertising Hail Mary. For example, YouTube advertising can be a great tactic for generating awareness and as a last-minute add-on to an existing media plan or campaign. YouTube advertising lets you market to your audience, allowing you to target individuals based on gender, age, location and interests. YouTube is an incredibly effective and creative way to reach users across multiple platforms, with more than 25% of all YouTube views happen on a mobile device. YouTube Analytics helps you optimize your ad and see how individuals are interacting with your brand. In terms of a Hail Mary pass, YouTube allows you to build a following that can be leveraged into the New Year.

facebook advertising, digital advertising, ZOG DigitalFacebook campaigns

You may also consider a last-minute Facebook ad campaign to reach undecided holiday shoppers. The key to Facebook campaigns is that they should be creative and unique. Facebook is incredibly efficient at allowing targeted advertising. More than one billion people are active on Facebook (with approximately 874 million visiting on their mobile device).


The end of the year is a great time to try to get creative with your remaining digital marketing budget. After all, social media marketing is a great way to reach an active search audience as they do their holiday shopping. Additionally, digital advertising efforts all allow digital marketers to track and optimize their strategies. Remember, be creative, test and track the results of any digital marketing Hail Mary pass. If successful, you may want to include these digital advertising strategies moving forward for 2014 and beyond.

For additional information on Twitter or other digital advertising strategies, contact ZOG Digital. ZOG Digital, Inc. is a search and social marketing company. Our digital marketing services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, and design and development.

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