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Recently, we looked at the power of local SEO, and how a highly optimized location finder can help elevate local search results and drive sales. Today we praise The Joint, chiropractic care centers that offer affordable and convenient access to licensed practitioners, for its head start on local SEO. The Joint is primed to receive top search results with some adjustments to their digital strategy.

The Joint has multiple locations, and provides and is quickly growing as a leader in chiropractic care across the country. With highly integrated search and social marketing, The Joint will be able to rise to the top of search results — an important factor when considering that consumers overwhelming look online before shopping for any local good or service.

The Website

As the backbone for any digital strategy, The Joint’s website provides a solid foundation for search success and potentially great results. As Google and other search engines continuously modify their algorithms to provide more and more relevant information for searchers, brands must be aware of how their website must be maintained and optimized for the best results.


As we mentioned, The Joint’s location finder does a great job of providing individual landing pages for each location, complete with accurate contact information, a detailed description of services offered, and a biography of the local chiropractor guests can look forward to working with. With some fine-tuned on-site optimization, we expect The Joint to quickly rise to outperform its competitors in search.

Social Media

The Joint has a solid social media presence. Its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a lot of potential. The Facebook page does an excellent job of connecting users to The Joint’s very qualified staff of chiropractic professionals. With some optimized posts to reach more users, we expect The Joint’s Facebook page to be a useful tool moving forward in its digital strategy. Currently, The Joint’s Twitter feed is utilized to announce new locations. We think as it continues to grow, Twitter will be a way for it to connect with loyal customers and build its reputation. Twitter is an excellent tool for brands to engage with key influencers and to help build brand awareness.


Local SEO

The key to The Joint’s success will be their visibility in local search results. Because so many local shoppers go online to search before purchasing a local good or service, it is critical for brands — especially those with multiple locations like The Joint — to think critically about their local search engine optimization strategy.

For a winning local SEO strategy, The Joint and other businesses looking to reach local shoppers searching online should incorporate a comprehensive, integrated paid advertising strategy with their existing social media and SEO efforts. To reach more users and to get valuable content in front of prospective clients, it’s an essential element that is often overlooked or executed poorly.

In Conclusion

We expect The Joint to rise to incredible levels with a strategy that fully utilizes all digital marketing tools. Their business model of affordable, convenient chiropractic care is one that can appeal to the masses. The trick will be using digital search and social strategies to get the attention of those users.

Without a local search strategy, even the best business models will not reach their maximum potential. ZOG Digital’s search and social marketing strategies increase online brand visibility and drives sales. Contact ZOG Digital to start an audit of your digital marketing efforts today.

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