It’s a place where users can occasionally ask the President of the United States anything or experience first-hand the wit of Snoop Lion. It’s the best place to ask the Internet a question, share breaking news or learn about cutting-edge technology. It’s the only place to be if you want to, within a few clicks, go from a forum filled with professional scientists answering everyday questions to watching a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba.

It’s Reddit and it’s the front page of the Internet.

Today we’re highlighting brands, which have landed a coveted spot on Reddit’s Buy It for Life most (positively) upvoted. These brands have achieved their spot in this community by being recommended by a Redditor and then upvoted by the rest of the community. They have products that are durable and practical (as stated in the community’s mission statement and rules.)

Please note that we excluded any posts where the product was either not associated with a brand or the comments were overwhelmingly negative. With that in mind, here are the top ten brands on Reddit’s Buy It for Life:

1. Maglite.

Maglite is a company that is committed to producing quality, innovate products with the customer service to back it up. Their nearly indestructible flashlights put them at the top of Reddit’s most upvoted on Buy It For Life. Redditor, an_actual_lawyer states: “These things are built extremely well and are very simple to fix/repair/maintain. About 15 years ago, I found one in a lake. It worked after some cleaning and filing work and still works today.”

2. Nalgene

Although the original poster showed their Nalgene bottle broken, plenty of other Redditors were there to loyally defend their own waterbottles so it makes our list.

3. Logitech

Logitech’s MX510 mouse was originally posted with other Redditors chiming in: “Logitech products in general have been superb in my experience,” commented thiskillstheredditor.

4. Manufactum

German retailer Manufactum makes the list for their function over form products, as stated by Redditor, BarryHalls: “The difference in engineering is startling. It’s a throw back to when consumer goods were 90% function and 10% form. They remind me so much of industrial grade tools, over engineered, minimalist, and heavy duty. Fantastic!”

5. Leatherman

The original poster stated this of his or her Leatherman: “Had it for 6 years. Spent an entire winter in a snowbank, still like new. Best investment ever.”

6. Le Creuset

Even used, Le Creuset seems to stand the test of time. Original poster, scissorsbeatspaper posted a used set asking for advice on how to clean them up.

7. The 40 Year Calendar

Made in India, the 40 Year Calendar, is mentioned as being an excellent gift. Additionally, the original poster (very transparently) promoted where you can purchase the item: Ten Thousand Villages.

8. LL Bean

LL Bean makes the list for having one of the best return policies on the planet.

9. Adidas

The Adidas Samba makes the list with this recommendation from aetius476: “I’ve worn nothing but Sambas since the second grade. I usually get a new pair every two years or so.”


10. Leatherman (Again.)

The general consensus is that you never wear out a Leatherman. You may lose them, but you never wear them out.

Reddit isn’t the place for marketing a brand. It’s the place for showcasing quality products or services. The community sometimes accepts company’s promoting their own products, as long as it is disclosed. The key to winning Reddit’s heart is to be authentic, transparent and provide the community with quality content.

…or something hilarious.

For help promoting your products or services online, please contact ZOG Digital’s search engine optimization and social media marketing experts today. Let us know what you think. What brands should be considered as “Buy it for life?”

  • drgrter

    Bought Leatherman in 2005, still use it almost every day. The warranty is 25 years, rather than “Product Lifetime”. I’m on the fence about which is better.