Google+ is here to stay.”

By (boldly) quoting ourselves, we’re reiterating our confidence in Google as a search and social mecca. Even before the future of their social venture seemed certain, we chose to believe in all that is Google. And it seems that marketers everywhere are following suit – about 2/3 plan to increase their Google+ activity this year.

Google+ offers many benefits for businesses looking to increase digital visibility and engagement as well as impact SEO.  We explain the search and social synergy of Google below.

Google+ Search

The search engine integration opportunities speak for themselves, as demonstrated in this search advertisement example. Google reports that Search ads using Google+ average 5-10% more clicks – consumers trust the addition of the +1 button in ads and on sites. Authorship capabilities through Google+ also increase content credibility.

When it comes to establishing a strategy on Google+, it’s important to take advantage of the longer post allowances. This enables you to include more relevant brand keywords and phrases that will aid in SEO efforts. This ties in greatly with Local SEO as well – Google+ Local is the integration of Google Search, Google+ Social and Google Maps.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Google+ Local offers countless benefits for businesses, including an optimized profile highlighted on the right-hand side of Google search results.  We explain exactly what to expect from a Google+ profile and local reviews here.

Google+ Social

Of course, Google+ (G+) is also a well-known social network, meaning that engagement is a key metric. +1’s are the goal – they’re how users express interest or appreciation (the Google version of a “like”). Comments and shares are also vital, and necessitate high-quality content.

All of those metrics are reached by way of understanding the network demographics. Just as you wouldn’t post a tweet on Facebook and expect social success, your content must be altered to fit G+. It’s a more educational community, somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn. Roughly 67% of the G+ audience is male, with the average user being a “techie” in his late twenties.

G+ features such as communities and hangouts further lend to thought leadership and increase visibility. We delve into the specifics of these below:

The Benefits of Google Plus: Communities

The Benefits of Google Plus: Hangouts

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