clothes1Many prominent clothing retailers contain rich histories and traditions that define their legacies. They often heavily advertise their date of origin and their clothing’s unique place in history to justify their company’s significance.  With such an emphasis on the past, it’s essential that clothing retailers adapt for the future by effectively transitioning to the digital space. These are four popular clothing companies that have managed to establish a solid presence and following on Facebook.


During his career as a professional tennis player, René Lacoste earned the nickname “The Crocodile” for his aggressive, attacking style of play. That reptilian moniker eventually became the symbol of Lacoste, his high-end clothing and accessory company.


Containing nearly 12 million “likes,” Lacoste’s Facebook page is an all-encompassing hub for the brand’s news, products, and fashion shows. They additionally encourage audience participation by posting occasional questions regarding brand history and individual product preference.  Their content is image heavy, focused on current and upcoming product lines, with an occasional video thrown in for good measure.

Ralph Lauren

Virtually synonymous with the classic American polo, Ralph Lauren is one of the premier high-end fashion retailers in the world, a brand consisting of equal parts high-class Ivy League society, casual athleticism, and classy tradition. Represented by the iconic image of the polo player, this clothing retailer has managed to thoroughly entrench itself in the digital space.


Ralph Lauren’s Facebook page disseminates the standard product-related information, along with a healthy dosage of behind-the-scenes images and fashion show photo albums.  They also alert their online audience when Ralph Lauren clothing is worn by magazine cover models and celebrities. Immaculately curated, their page generally posts new content 1-2 times a day.

American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters is currently one of the most popular clothing brands for young people. Featuring a diverse array of fashion options and fits, it’s accessible, trendy, and most importantly of all, stylish.


The American Eagle Facebook page contains all manner of AE-related content, ranging from new clothing line announcements, product advertisements, and discount deal alerts. Occasionally they’ll post fashion tips from their lead clothing design staff, or highlight a recent contest winner. They’re also quick to point out when their clothing make appearances in notable magazines.

Victoria’s Secret

Starting out as the simple business venture of a man wanting male customers to feel comfortable purchasing lingerie, Victoria’s Secret has ballooned into the world’s premier lingerie and apparel retailer. Dedicated to bringing beauty and fantasy into every woman’s wardrobe, the brand has expanded its product lineup to include clothing items and cosmetic products.


Stylish images, product updates, questions regarding clothing preference, the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page bestows a substantial amount of content upon its nearly 23 million person audience. Unique posts include advice on changing up a wardrobe, color matching, and photos from the grand opening of new stores. They additionally include links to their Instagram and Career Opportunities on their homepage.

All these pages are immaculately curated and provide their audience base with a steady stream of quality and compelling content. Their ability to effectively engage fans results in constant audience participation, increased brand awareness, and ultimately, higher profits.

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