kanye meme

“Yo Content, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish but I just want to say that I’m the King.”

We definitely took creative liberties in quoting Kanye’s infamous awards show interruption, but you get the gist. By now, everyone has heard that “content is king.” There have been objections to this declaration, and while we respect those – like Kanye’s – opinion, we’d like to make the reigning case for content.

As quoted in Search Engine Journal: “Content is the engine that drives the whole machine.” Content is king because it founds the basis of all else.  Whether it’s a blog, social network, email, video or infographic, content is vital in digital marketing.

Why Content is King:

Content = SEO. Within all of the changes in the Google algorithm and search ranking factors, the one constant has been content. High-quality content infused with relevant keywords is one of the top ways in which to increase organic search ranking and improve overall SEO. Even Matt Cutts says so.

Inbound Marketing. Content cultivates thought leadership and creates inbound leads. Branded content establishes a unique voice and increases credibility – leading to brand affinity. Plus, inbound leads typically cost 61% less than traditional outbound leads.

Cyclic Benefits. We can’t explain the continuous content cycle of benefits better than the following excerpt from “When It Comes to SEO, Content is King.”

“Content generates traffic.
Traffic shares content.
Traffic and shares generate links
Links generate better rankings
Better rankings generate more traffic and business
And repeat.”

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