Cereal – it’s what’s for breakfast. And lunch, dinner and dessert.

Cereal has moved past the morning hours to become a meal and snack time staple. Make a Cap’ N Crunch granola bar? Sure. Put Lucky Charms on your ice cream sundae? Duh.

The bold brand personas and growing merchandising potential makes social media the ideal marketing platform for those within the cereal industry. Social networks provide the opportunity for brands to reach new consumers and connect with current ones – building a digital community for sharing photos, stories, offers and ideas.

Unlike industries with an obvious target audience, cereal brands seem to create their own. In a unique twist during research, we discovered that these brands are all over the board in terms of social voice and audience. For instance, one brand clearly addresses parents, while another is allying with teens.

The interesting case study surrounding cereal brands is best illustrated on Facebook. In the following analysis, we examine the Facebook profiles of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Rice Krispies and Honeycomb.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The cover photo for Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s Facebook profile explains a lot: it’s a “CTC Selfie.” The cereal brand keeps a consistently fun voice, focused on those Cinnamon Toast Crunch (CTC) super fans. They often share fan photos, along with recipes, social cross-promotion and trending content – all with a dose of for-cereal humor. They are an impressively social brand, with over one million “likes” and high post engagement – an excellent example for all others! Learn from them here.


Rice Krispies.

This cereal brand sets the stage for their Facebook profile directly in their About section: “Rice Krispies® Cereal sparks truly special moments that you and your kids will always remember.” Their cover photo features photos submitted from their Facebook moms, and the posted content is very family-focused. Although Rice Krispies is active on the network – with over 800,000 “likes” – and their strategy is solid, we think they could use a little extra snap-crackle-pop to spice up their social engagement.

rice krispies FB


“If Honeycomb ruled the world, the chore fairy would be real.” This cereal brand has focused their social marketing efforts on the Facebook teens – perhaps testing their purchase power over parents. Their brand voice is cheeky and lighthearted, and includes shared fan photos, custom branded content, jokes and memes. While the Honeycomb Facebook page is at a mere 61,775 “likes” currently, we think they have the potential for big growth this year if they optimize their presence.

honeycomb FB

We applaud the three cereal brands above for cultivating unique social voices. Although Rice Krispies does a great job appealing to the mom demographic on Facebook, and Honeycomb is building a fun connection with the younger generation, we have to give the gold to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Their Facebook profile is filled with tasty social creativity!

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