making-big-data-work-for-facebook-advertising@2xBig data is more than just the buzzword of the moment. In fact, the conglomeration of complex data is a result of advancing technology and emerging social device capabilities – resulting in immense opportunities within the business world.

These sets of big data are broken down to reveal valuable insights about consumers, which benefit marketing effectiveness. Although using demographics and personal information for purposes such as ad targeting is no new feat, the way in which we can do so and the level of in-depth accuracy that’s now possible is altering digital opportunities.

Facebook has long been known to be a popular source for big data. With over one billion users and therefore innumerable amounts of consumer information, the social network giant has a wealth of data at their fingertips. Their release of the Facebook knowledge graph only further proved speculation that they could take over the world.

Thus, Facebook’s ad network presents more possibilities than offered by any other network – especially with the addition of third-party partners. Merging their big data resources and social domination, Facebook targeting options allow marketers to reach relevant, niche audiences to better support ROI and increase fans, traffic and sales.

In our latest Learn report, we examine the value of big data in conjunction with Facebook ad targeting. Download “Making Big Data Work for Facebook Advertising” now.


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