The bond between SEO and SMO is so strong that it can only be described by the equally magnetic connection of food: peanut butter and jelly; cookies and milk. These are pairings that are completely fine apart, but unbelievably good together.

SEO – search engine optimization – and SMO – social media optimization – possess a similar, unstoppable synergy when combined. Within digital marketing, they’re the two top players – creating the utmost optimized connection.

Search and social are increasing in importance as the digital sphere expands and evolves. It’s vital that brands not only take advantage of the ideal pairing, but understand the fundamental union of SEO and SMO. We explain the importance below, with mouth-watering analogies fit for any taste.

SEO is the Macaroni to SMO’s Cheese. (Tweet this!)

Search is typically the foundational ingredient – one of the first steps after building a website is to ensure it can be properly indexed by search engines like Google. Yet that keyword-rich, SEO-focused strategy only goes so far without the creative social element. Those al-dente shells need that creamy special cheese sauce.

Social media moves SEO efforts to the next level. Search engines take social signals into account, meaning that optimized network profiles will increase branded results. Search Engine Watch reports that “using social media to foster relevant link connectivity has never been more important.” Search capabilities on networks such as Google+ and Facebook provide excellent examples of the successful synergy – much like macaroni and cheese.

food analogies - mac

SMO is the Jelly to SEO’s Peanut Butter. (Tweet this!)

Just as SEO can be slightly lackluster without the addition of SMO, peanut butter needs the punch of that fruity jelly. Sure, you can have a plain peanut butter sandwich – if you want a one-dimensional lunch and dry, sticky mouth. Jelly adds the sweet element, balancing out the thickness in the same way social media harmonizes search.

Whether it’s a sandwich or strategy, only utilizing one ingredient leaves consumers with the feeling that something is missing. Brands can optimize keywords and sitemaps to no end, but eventually they’ll need social elements for promotion and connection. Together, SEO and SMO greatly increase visibility across the digital sphere, further expanding traffic and sales potential.

food analogies - pb & j

SEO is the Rice to SMO’s Beans. (Tweet this!)

When paired with one another, rice and beans make up a complete protein – meaning they provide the body with all nine essential amino acids. They are still nutritious apart, however, incomplete. SEO and SMO are similarly excellent digital marketing tactics on their own. Yet they can only be considered complete together.

A recent study on ranking factors demonstrates the codependency between SEO and SMO: Social shares closely correlated with site rank in Google search. As one increased, so did the other – much like the rising nutritional partnership of rice and beans.

food analogies - rice & beans

Don’t be surprised if you can no longer think of SEO and SMO without also conjuring Instagram-worthy images of macaroni and cheese. If these three food pairings aren’t your forte, there are plenty of others that relate – salt and pepper, for instance.

The individual ingredients aren’t as important as the idea that their pairings are infamous – just as SEO and SMO’s should be. Search and social are both necessary components of a successful, long-lasting digital marketing strategy.

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