Is your Facebook page suffering from a lack of imagination? Do you begin each day without notifications or hope? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you need the following 5 steps for success.

It’s no longer enough to simply be a presence on Facebook, you have to be a force. With so many brands clambering for attention from users, standing out is essential in order to truly grasp the benefits the social network offers. Changes continue to roll out to enhance the user and business experience, but it’s up to brands to keep up with the updates and use them to their marketing advantage.

Currently the largest influencer in the social world, Facebook provides impressive opportunities for brand visibility – if properly optimized. Below are five simple steps to improve your brand Facebook page.

Revamp your cover photo. In an eye tracking study from Mashable, nearly all viewers spent a longer time looking at the cover photo than the Timeline content. More viewers noticed the cover photo than the brand profile picture. Placement and size obviously play a part in this, making it important to ensure you have an appealing picture that illustrates your brand message. Fiesta Bowl’s Facebook page provides an excellent example below:

fb fiesta bowlInteract like you mean it. Your social goals likely include increasing engagement and brand visibility, so make it happen! Interact with fans and be genuine in your questions and responses. Some brands – like Chipotle – use their social profiles as customer service opportunities as well as communicative, promotional outlets. The “reply” feature that was recently rolled out will aid in improving personal connections between brands and fans.

Post more images. Social trends continue to favor visual components – the more images the better! In fact, 44% of users are more apt to engage with brands on Facebook if they post pictures. Ensure they are high-quality and high-resolution to further raise engagement. Two posts from the Microsoft Store Facebook page demonstrate the difference image quality makes:

fb images

Promote, Promote, Promote. Don’t be afraid of paid social. In fact, after the reduced page reach, it’s necessary in order to increase your Facebook post scope. In the research report “Increasing the Value of Your Facebook Community,” the various ad types available are examined in greater detail.

Target Specific Audiences. Understanding your audience is key when creating content. A recent study on Facebook “Like” Patterns revealed that “likes” on the social network can shed light on personality traits and personal information such as “political and religious views, drug use, divorce and sexual orientation.”  This knowledge can be helpful when utilizing page post targeting.

fb targeting

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is an excellent digital marketing platform. The various paths in which to reach users on the site – such as images, content, promotional posts and advertising – provide for high ROI potential. Ensure your Facebook profile is optimized for the largest impact on brand awareness, engagement, customer acquisition and sales.

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