Google+ is one of the top three vital social channels in 2013 largely because it entails so much more than just communicative capabilities.

With 500 million total users currently, Google+ will continue to grow as its business potential is publicized. For instance, Google’s social extension has many SEO benefits. Google+ profiles show up in autocomplete in SERP and are indexed thoroughly by the world’s most popular search engine. This provides a ranking advantage and increased visibility for optimized pages.

Search Plus Your World – search results with your personal information in mind – further ties the social aspect in with advanced search capabilities. It allows you to view search results including both personal content along with public web matches in a single set of listings.

Social media users often have to leave the networks they’re on to conduct searches, but Google+ streamlines the experience. Those using it for business can promote knowledge, causes and products and services, as well as connect with others in the industry. There is certainly no downside to having a presence on the top search and social combination.

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