There’s social, and then there’s ice cream social. Ben & Jerry’s excels in both.

The brand that says “we make the best possible ice cream in the nicest way possible,” has translated their strong sense of community to the digital sphere. They’ve cultivated an impressive social presence on several large networks by way of continuous enthusiasm, strategic campaigns and of course – drool-inducing products.

However, for those of us unable to market items such as “Chunky Monkey” and “Caramel Coffee Buzz,” there are still plenty of takeaways from this brands social success (they just include less chocolate).

The ice cream brand is especially active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as further examined below.

Facebook. Trending content is always a good idea. It may take a lot of creativity to make it relevant to your product or service, but the brainstorming and planning will be worth it. For example, Ben & Jerry’s took the ending of a renowned television comedy – 30 Rock – and turned it into an ice cream flavor. It comes as no surprise that the brand, known for creating seasonal and innovative flavors, receives high engagement levels on flavor announcement posts. According to Simply Measured, the most recent announcements averaged 23K engagements per post through “likes,” comments and shares.

Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page demonstrates another tried and true Facebook rule: incorporate images and links as often as possible! Their “multimedia” posts account for 98% of all engagement. Here’s a creative example from Valentine’s Day:



Twitter. Half of Twitter usage is on mobile devices. The real-time feed allows for instant news and feedback, which is beneficial for brands trying to keep up with user comments and questions. With an average of 6.2 tweets sent out per day, Ben & Jerry’s is a good example of an active brand on Twitter. Besides their main profile, they also have a Ben & Jerry’s Truck Twitter handle in which they promote offline events, such as ice cream truck tours.

Along with providing trending content and entertainment, the social network is ideal for interaction. We recommend comment marketing on Twitter – this means finding users by searching relevant hashtags and starting conversations. These tweets demonstrate Ben & Jerry’s proactive approach:



Instagram. This image-based social network recently hit one hundred million monthly users. As it continues to rise in popularity, brands are discovering new ways in which to utilize Instagram. Photo submission contests are a simple way for brands to engage users and increase interaction and visibility. Ben & Jerry’s created the Instagram campaign “Capture Euphoria.”

Urging users to share their “euphoric instagrams” with the hashtag #captureeuphoria, the brand then chooses their favorites to feature in advertisements. The vague guidelines led to creative images – not all including ice cream. An example of a fan Instagram photo is shown below:



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