It is well-known in sports games that credit is due to many more players than just the one who scored the goal – hence the tracking of assists. Similarly in digital marketing, it isn’t just the final click-to-purchase that should receive conversion kudos, but the interactions leading up to it as well.

Reporting on metrics brings insight into the effectiveness of your marketing methods. Focusing only on the final click, however, gives you an incomplete picture. Each course to conversion hinges on various aspects of search, social and paid advertising, and understanding the different digital paths consumers take to end up on your site is an important aspect in reaching brand success.

Google AnalyticsMulti-Channel Funnels” (MCF) feature allows you to examine interactions across various channels and platforms in order to better discern how they work together to bring you conversions and sales. The reporting model provides macro- (channel) and micro- (ads and keywords) level opportunities.

The expanding reach of all digital networks and resources necessitates a more in-depth reporting model such as MCF, in which you can view total and assisted conversions. The reports in MCF also show top paths that led to purchase, path length (the number of stops along the way) and time lag (from first to last click) for up to 30 days before the final click.

mcf dots

MCF allows you to see how lead generation is garnered, for example – if an engaging Facebook post lead to a Google search or if Google search results prompted a Pinterest Page visit that led to a purchase on-site. We know not all customer paths to conversion are alike.  MCF and multi-channel reporting helps give each channel the credit it deserves.

To begin utilizing Multi-Channel Funnel reporting within Google Analytics, set up E-Commerce Tracking or Goals and enable AdWords and auto-tagging.  MCF is available within the Reporting Tabs.  If you need support setting up E-Commerce Tracking or Goals, or just have general questions about Google Analytics and MCF, contact ZOG Digital for a complimentary assessment and advice.

Watch a Google Analytics video on Multi-Channel Funnels.

“Valuing Digital Marketing Channels” Infographic, via Search Engine Journal:


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